Plasma Healing Therapy

Plasma Frequency therapy is carried out on the Plasma Generator device, which eliminates pathogens (such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites). Since the Plasma Generator device contains several thousand different programmes, the therapy session that is provided to each client is uniquely crafted to meet their needs. People who undergo frequency treatment are able to repair their cells and restore them to their ideal energy levels, which in turn triggers the body’s natural ability to heal itself. This treatment is beneficial for both acute and chronic ailments, and it also restores energy and promotes good sleep.

Plasma treatment is carried out with the assistance of a high-frequency plasma generator, which is part of a new generation of medical equipment designed specifically for use in therapeutic applications for a wide range of illnesses. It is vital to describe how they function in order to understand the vast range of therapy applications that may be achieved with them. Technically speaking, a high-frequency plasma generator is a device that creates a particular electromagnetic field that has multiple applications in therapy by utilising high-frequency currents, Tesla coils, and special plasma probes that are filled with noble gases. This electromagnetic field can be produced by the device using high-frequency currents. A current with a high frequency and voltage but a very low intensity (100 microamperes) excites the noble gases that are housed inside a glass plasma probe, which then causes the probes to form plasma, which is after which they were called. The state of the plasma contained inside the probe is what enables the transmission of a particular quantum of energy to the tissue. When a plasma field comes into touch with a tissue or organism, the electrical circuit is closed. This initiates the plasma field, which then starts to alter the tissue and environment around it. This causes a chain reaction that has a beneficial impact on the metabolism of human cells and encourages many other responses as well. Because the plasma field is able to go deep into the tissue, it may cause a variety of additional effects, including electrical stimulation, micro vibrations, temperature effects, and photo-stimulation. In response to an instruction from the controller, the frequency generator creates electromagnetic pulses of low frequency with a tiny amplitude ranging from 5 to 12 volts. Devices, the primary purpose of which is to eradicate microorganisms located in a variety of environments, often include at least 30 percent water. Electrical conductivity is provided by the presence of water; this in turn allows for the transfer of information from the generator to the cells of the microorganisms being studied. When particular electromagnetic fields at certain frequencies interact with a cell, a phenomenon known as resonance oscillation occurs, which ultimately leads to the breakdown of the cell membrane.

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