LED Teeth

LED Teeth Whitening

LED is an abbreviation for Light Emitting Diode. This sort of light is used to activate teeth-whitening chemicals. The solution is applied to the front teeth using a mouth tray. The whitener is activated by the LED light. There are two unique bleaching agents. Bleach-based products eliminate stains on and below the surface of teeth. And non-bleach products are only effective on surface stains. The variety of components and their concentrations differ between goods. These LED whitening solutions are available for home use at stores and dental offices. You may also choose to have your dentist provide LED treatments. The treatment methods obtained from or at the dentist’s office are more potent. The system normally consists of many vials of a whitening solution, applicators, mouth trays, and an LED light for daily treatments.

The teeth are whitened more effectively as a result of this method, which generates a blue light and does so without exposing the teeth to any heat.

Our specifically developed whitening gel is gentle on the gums and enamel, and it eliminates discoloration without causing any harm to the tooth’s structure. Our therapy lightens the discoloration that has occurred on teeth as a result of eating, drinking, smoking, and other factors. When the gel is applied to the teeth in conjunction with an LED Activating Blue Light, the tooth enamel is able to be pierced without being injured in the process. In only twenty minutes, your teeth will be anywhere from two to eight shades whiter.

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