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Lash Lift and Tint

Lash lift and tint is a procedure that curls and colours natural eyelashes permanently. Lash lifting is a modern lash perm that use silicone shields and a succession of cream-based solutions to curl natural eyelashes, hence removing the need for eyelash curlers.

When you arrive for your initial lash lift, you may anticipate to lay down on a bed similar to the one used for waxing. Unlike a waxing, however, you will not be able to see or use your eyes (and consequently your phone) throughout the length of your visit. It is not painful, but it may be irritating. Your eyes may produce a few tears, but thankfully this will not hinder the procedure.

The appointment itself is comprised of three stages. First, silicone pads are put on the eyelids (which are closed). The lashes are then raised and treated with a serum. “This initial serum is utilized to dissolve the protein in the eyelashes.  Next, a serum containing keratin is administered, which, according to Imani, “begins the process of repairing and nourishing the lashes.” After applying the tint, the silicone pads are removed. In the last step, the lashes are coated with a coating of pure keratin, which adds an additional layer of protein and conditions as well as strengthens the lashes.

The first forty-eight hours after a lash lift are the most critical for sustaining those magnificent results, and it is recommended that you refrain from using water (and mascara), vigorous exercise (or anything else that would cause you to sweat a lot), or showering—at least in any manner that would expose your lashes to the water.

After a period of 48 hours, it is suggested that you should brush the lashes out each morning and evening before applying a lash serum. This should be done in preparation for administering the serum.

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