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Embroidery Brow


The Embroidery Brow method is referred to be a 3D semi-permanent eyebrow, and it is the most recent upgrade for creating brows that are fuller and more defined. This method uses hand-method equipment and several micro needle precision blades to make hair-like strokes that blend into your natural eyebrow and may last for up to three years. The semi-permanent pigment used in this process generates the hair-like strokes.


A kind of permanent cosmetics as well as a relatively recent method for improving the look of the eyebrows… This method is perfect for customers who desire full and defined eyebrows since it produces a delicate powdered finish that mimics eyebrow pencil or powder.

The Embroidery Brow technique is most suited for persons who wish to enhance the appearance of their eyebrows. This process produces strokes that seem natural and like hair, regardless of the quantity of hair that is already present. People who have medical conditions that cause hair loss, such as alopecia or trichotillomania, as well as those who simply aren’t happy with the appearance of their brows due to a lack of definition or thinning brows as a result of over-tweezing can reap tremendous benefits from having microblading performed. This technique makes use of pigments that have been precisely created to match the color of your natural eyebrows. These pigments mix in perfectly with the eyebrow hairs that are still in place, giving the appearance of a larger, more natural brow. The color of the eyebrows will change noticeably over the course of a fortnight, although they will initially look darker. In light of the fact that one cannot predict in advance how effectively the pigment will be retained by the skin, it is strongly advised that a touch-up be performed.

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